Not all heroes wear capes.

Some of them are wearing AirForces while others are rocking loafers, but what all of the FW crew have in common - we live for the chaotic moments of bringing the ideas to life and seeing those charts pop-off!

The Team Behind Our Studio - Darkstudio X Webflow Template
The Team Behind Our Studio - Darkstudio X Webflow Template
happy clients
in trackable revenue
in adspend
and growing...

We started in 2017.

Our story


Our humble beginnings were very traditional - we did
agency work and had agency problems.

Since world doesn't need another agency, we kinda figured out we need to do things a little bit differently.

We never loved chasing clients and are super lazy for that part of work - we figured out that we need a business model and "an offer" that would be so good, we wouldn't have to spend more then 30 seconds presenting it.

" You pay us only when we make a sale and every thing from funnels, landers, creatives and money for ads is our problem."

This pitch pretty much made it possible for us to run a ds for some of the best logos on the planet...and we still use it till this day.

Oh... and we did all of that for almost 3 years without a website.


If it was so easy running performance only advertising company - everyone would be a billionaire.

We had some really nasty moments, and then we had some really good ones.

The highlight of our work came in 2022 when we grew our client accounts so much, we got a call from local
office of our banking partner, telling us we've been nominated for service business of the year on a global.

I twas also first time ever that a company from Serbia is in the nomination pool - so we kinda brought trophy home for the first time.
It was really good.


Fast forwarding to present - we are still doing what we do best - performance.

Plus, we are building our own technical infrastructure that will help brands and performance teams do more.

And, we are investing a lot of time in educational programs with several universities we sponsor in order to help as many young people dive into the industry with right mindset and realistic expectations.

Come and visit us in Belgrade - you are gonna love it.

Our values

Why working with Four Winds in the first place

Customer First - Darkstudio X Webflow Template

NO Bull$hit approach

Advertising space is full of people who are full of $hit. We believe in doing what matters and focusing on results rather then collecting likes on LinkedIn.

Passion - Darkstudio X Webflow Template


We love working with people play the game by their own rules and we love helping you build your brand while having some good time in the process.

Commitment - Darkstudio X Webflow Template

Our business model

As a performance only team that lives of results, you find it clear that we are very committed in making things work.
In other words - everyone needs to bring something to the table or nobody eats.

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Knowlege & experience

We've seen it all.
We survived every possible scenario you can imagine and can save you bunch of nerves and $$$ by just telling you what not to do.

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Network & connections

We are in this space for some time and had the chance to work with the best.
We have a really big network of partners that do their work remarkably and always love to use this in our mutula success.

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& Transparency

We are always transparent and require the same from your side.
Performance model only works if every party knows where it stands at any given time.

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