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If you wanna work with international team on some of the best offers on the planet, learn from the best in the world and have some serious fun along the way - check our openings.

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Join our team
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We love our office but we are not some dinosaurs and are totally fine with remote work and you are free to organize your day the way you want.

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Unlimited PTO

We understand the importance of rest, relaxation, and personal time. That's why we offer unlimited paid time off to all our employees. Whether it's for travel, family, or self-care, you have the freedom to take the time you need without the stress of counting days.

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Flexible hours

We don't bill hours nor do we track them. We don't have fixed work hours and the only thing important is that the job is well done.

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Medical insurance

If you are Serbian citizen - you will automatically get a complete medical insurance and private medical plan. If you are one of our international colleagues we will organize a custom one based on your needs.

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Career growth

If you're ambitious and keen to grow, our environment is crafted for your success. Progress at your own pace, supported by resources and opportunities in the modern digital world, turning your career into a journey of continuous learning and development.

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Great culture

At FW, you're part of a family where your voice matters and every day is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, if you like drinking cocktails or whatever you prefer, we don’t judge. 

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