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Frequently asked questions

Are you open for new projects?

We always accept new inquiries, but need to do audits and evaluations before the project is concluded. In other words, you can always get in touch with us, but in order for us to actually start working with you - we need to do our diligence and see if we are the right pick and if you are ready for CPA/performance work.

What are the requirements for us to work together?

In order for us to accept the project, one should have clear data, know his numbers and be able to establish a CPA model based on his AOV, LTV, CLV and more. Our usual client type is a brand doing over 20M/annum in revenue with CLV over 250 USD but we work with brand of all shapes and sizes. Having our inhouse tracking system is also a must as we don't rely on 3rd party analytics.

Who is paying for the adspend?

We are.
As mentioned, we take-over complete advertising effort including the advertising budgets and the only thing you pay for is the previously agreed CPA (cost per conversion) for each verified conversion that happends. Everything else is done and covered by our side.
Simple as that.

How does the payment plan work with performance model?

Very simple.
We have a simple NET7 payment where you pay us our CPA (cost per conversion) that we agreed upon for the previous week.
If we did 500 sales from Monday to Sunday - you will get an invoice for 500*CPA value on Monday for the sales happened week before.